The Best Fort Collins Hikes Book

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* A wide variety of trails from urban hikes to alpine adventures; from an afternoon mosey to "Shouldn't we be roping up now?"- all within an hour of Fort Collins.
* A handy CMC Pack Guide with complete trail descriptions, color photos, maps, and commentary
* Trails for hikers, bikers, and snowshoers; some are wheelchair-accessible, some are equestrian-friendly, and most are open year round.

The Best Fort Collins Hikes was written by CMC members for a wide range of readers -- from experienced hikers who already know much of the local scene to visiting flatlanders who want to enjoy the best of the area. The hikes range from very easy walks to a number of moderate hikes to a few of the difficult and demanding variety.

Sixteen Fort Collins Group CMC members became involved with the book at its very beginning. The 20 trails were selected by group consensus and chapter members functioned as trail authors, photographers and cartographers. The contributors brought their own expertise and enthusiasm as well as outdoor interests to the hikes. One trail description may say a good deal about geology and natural history while the next one may emphasize the wildflowers that will be found on that particular hike.

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