Maroon Bell Outdoor Unisex Logo T-Shirt

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While cotton is soft, breathable and durable it does have the tendency to shrink, wrinkle, hold moisture and lose its shape over time. Not to worry, our newest shirt uses a Tri-Blend fabric, allowing us to maintain the benefits of cotton while replacing the downsides.

In addition to using 25% cotton which is breathable this shirt uses 50% polyester and 25% Rayon. Polyester is lightweight, strong, soft and has some of the highest moisture wicking properties available. Rayon is a material made from wood pulp, is also lightweight, strong and soft but brings excellent draping properties to the shirt. Draping is essentially how well the shirt holds its shape.

The mixture of these textiles left us with a shirt perfect for Maroon Bell Outdoor. It is strong, soft, holds it shape after multiple uses, doesn’t fade like cotton, is flexible, dries quickly, stays warm and will allow you to stay comfortably fashionable during all of your adventures.

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